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Payment processing methods are changing with time,We can proudly say that we are leading the change.

Quick Pay is a leading integrated payment processing service provider in India. Quick Pay was established in 2016 in Odisha. Quick Pay network currently services over retail networks both in rural and urban India. Quick Pay's offering today for the partners includes Mobile and DTH Top Ups, Mobile Bill Payments, Utility Bill Payments, Entertainment Products , Domestic Money Transfer etc.

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For All Businesses

Ideal for businesses of all types – big and small. From your neighborhood grocery store to supermarkets, retailers and many others.

Easy to Set Up

A hassle-free documentation and submission process lets you quickly set up Quick Pay for your business and start processing transactions.

Dedicated Support

Our highly experienced and friendly support team is committed to providing hands-on assistance and immediate problem solving.

Quick Pay's All in One Application

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in Payment Processing Methods.

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